July 24th, 2006


Disney Channel Original movies

Disney Channel Original movies CAN be good. Take High School Musical for example, or Don't Look Under the Bed (my all-time favorite :]), or EVEN Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century because it was at least tolerable. So why are so many DC movies so terrible? :[

I watched Read it and Weep a few days ago and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior tonight. And I can safely say that both movies were pretty darn bad. While they do have their moments, they can't quite grasp the concepts of PLOT, or CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, or even GOOD and RELEVANT DRAMA. I actually thought Read it and Weep was the better movie out of the two although I really wanted to watch Wendy Wu a lot more. Read it and Weep was about a girl whose diary is accidentally published and becomes a bestseller. She begins to abandon her friends and hang out with popular people. She fails to see that her best friend Connor (not sure if that's his name >_>;) wants to take her to the dance and instead agrees to go with Marco (read: cute hunk idiot popular guy). Oh yeah and her name is Jamie.

Jamie's diary is like a story about a girl named Is (short for Isabella) who is apparently "really cool" and can "ZAP" away her enemies. She has a fairytale-esque life that Jamie wishes to have. And after Jamie's book becomes a bestseller, she gains exactly that, at the expense of true friends and all that jazz. Is starts to become like an alter-ego of Jamie and controls her and the way she acts. Most of the acting is quite good but a lot of the lines are just same-old, same-old. >_> Jamie's book seems rather stupid although Jamie's character development is adequate throughout the movie. The movie, still, was quite predictable and I rolled my eyes as another movie ended with a dance in which the girl is regarded as a hero and finally figures out which guy to get with.

Now as for Wendy Wu, it started out good, got steadily worse, and blew it at the ending. But, I was happy to see Sarah Martin in this movie. She played Tori in Power Rangers Ninja Storm (which I love :D) and interestingly, she also plays a character named Tori in Wendy Wu. XD Anyway, Brenda Song is a good actress although the actor who plays Shin/Shen needs to work on his English... and Chinese. >_> I think the main problem with this movie was that they focused on the martial arts too much (which was mostly quite good) and neglected just about everything else. The drama was minimal and you never really actually SEE Wendy really develop into who she is at the end of the movie. She just BECOMES suddenly good and ditches Homecoming to save the world from evil. But like a few hours ago, she says "Homecoming is important blahblah, the world can wait"? >_> Wendy is quite spoiled and narrow-minded but she changes in irregular leaps and bounds that make the audience confused as to whether she's still the same girl. The last fight was just stupid. There were like three deus ex machinas used so that Wendy could win. Although we've never seen her use it before, she apparently has a yellow beam she can shoot that can defeat any enemy and bring people back to life. And then Wendy's grandma starts talking about sacrifice? Wendy's pretty much invincible and thus, did not sacrifice anything, maybe except being Homecoming Queen. And also, her Homecoming dress was REALLY ugly. Pink and orange? Yuck. >_>

Oh please... Disney Channel, please make better movies. -_-
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