July 23rd, 2006


Hachikuro II + Dragon zakura

Wahh... the series Hachikuro (Honey & Clover) II is better than ever. :D I don't really know HOW it does it but every episode just gets better and better and really makes you want to watch more even though barely anything happens haha. XD And I've come to realize that my favorite character is probably Yamada. I seem to enjoy most of the episodes about her more and I really loved the most recent episode 3. It was really really cute how Nomiya just confessed to her like a total dork high school kid. XDD I didn't really expect that out of him since he's like the "cool" guy. In Hachikuro, I didn't like Nomiya much but we get to see a sorta more sensitive side to him in Hachikuro II and he's a much more interesting guy and he looks hot without his glasses. XDD I'd put up a screenshot of that if I knew how to take screenshots. :p Strangely, print screen just shows me the WMP with a black screen. Help anyone? D: I still don't care much for Takemoto but I think I'm starting to warm up to Yuki Rika. XD Oh and it was so much crack when those gangsta unicorns appeared around sleeping Yamada LOL. XD

And upon rinslet's recommendation, I've been watching Dragon zakura. :D I'm up to EP 6 now and it's REALLY INTERESTING in it's own dorky way. XD And Abe Hiroshi is hot omg LOL. XD My dad told me he's like 40 but he's HOT omg. XD And Yamapi has funky hair. XD Although... I actually like Yamapi a lot more in Dragon zakura than in Nobuta wo Produce. I really didn't like his character Akira in NwP but Yuusuke's tolerable in DZ although he's pretty stupid and clueless. XDD I really like Ino-sensei too; she's really cute in her "I care about my students" way. She's like a civilized Yankumi from Gokusen. XD Hmm... I kinda like Naomi but she's so like "I don't care about life" and she's such a follower. :/ Hideki really annoyed me at first but I kinda got used to him. The cutesy model girl (what's-her-face? XD;;) is SO SURPRISINGLY SMART. Or she's just good at math? XD Yuusuke's girlfriend is blah. She wears too much make up.

Hehe can't wait to watch more. :]

Oh and my piano trio group got second (again) in a competition again. :/ I guess I should be happy we beat another group from before (they got third) but I really wanted to get 1st so we could perform since our violinist is graduating. :[ Oh well... 1st place was really good anyway even if their cellist wasn't so great. :p

Superman + Chevalier

No spoilers in my reviews. :]

I saw Superman today~ :D It was really quite awesome. Brandon Routh is SO HOT as Superman. He is so beautiful, I swear. Omg... so tall and sexy and omg his hair. I love dark-haired guys. :D Brandon Routh is hot omg. And he is so adorkable as Clark Kent. XDD Clark is like a little puppy... ;D Kate Bosworth was quite good as Lois. :D She was strong but she was quite vulnerable at the same time and I loved how she kept letting it show that she really cared about Superman. ;] But on the other hand, the movie felt a like it had no direction. It's basically about Superman returning and saving Metropolis. There is a little interesting plot twist but it's not THAT unpredictable, I thought. :p And Lex Luthor was a good villain but his "sidekick" Kitty is such a ditz! -_- She was like a comedy relief for most of the movie and then in the end, they try to make her a deeper character but it just seemed out-of-character to me. :/ And I was kind of disappointed and puzzled that they didn't really address the Superman/Clark Kent being the same person situation like they did in Spiderman 2. I guess it was all right not addressed but it would have made for some nice drama. :] But holy crap Brandon Routh is so seriously good-looking. He just lights up the screen as Superman. And speaking of the screen, the CG effects were absolutely amazing. :D I enjoyed all of the action scenes. So overall, the movie was strong in character development and visuals but rather weak in plot. But, I still enjoyed it because Brandon Routh is SO FRICKIN' HOT. :D

I started watching Chevalier (forgot the whole title) today. :D It's certainly one of the more interesting anime of the summer season. It's set in revolutionary France and the main character is D'Eon blahblah Chevalier. XD His sister has just been mysteriously murdered and he joins the French secret police to find out about the cause of her death and a secret organization that she seemed to be part of. Chevalier is an interesting character although he's a rather typical "I believe in justice" sorta guy. He's very mature and he's pretty. :p But anyway, the plot is really engaging and already in the first episode, there's a lot of twists and turns. The animation is quite lovely and I hope it stays that way. There wasn't an OP for the first ep but the ED song was beautiful. :O The ED only shows a recap of the episode but I kept watching just to hear the song. The lyrics don't really make sense but it's really haunting and fits the series. You can download the torrent for the series at www.animesuki.com.

Wow, I'm having a lot of fun blabbing about the stuff I watch all day in the summer. XD