July 20th, 2006



So what I like chick flicks. I'm a chick. :D

I watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton today~ (yeah I'm a bit behind in movie-watching haha XD) It was incredibly cute. It's one of those chick flicks where you HAVEN'T HEARD THOSE LINES BEFORE. Amazing, I know. Kate Bosworth is so pretty in that dorky way and Topher Grace is just AWWW HE IS SO OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH HER. Oh, such a cute movie. The ending was fantastic, unlike some movies *coughLakehousecough*, and ALL the actors were so awesome, unlike some movies *coughLakehousecough*. Oh and I loved the multiple smiles thing. :D

About The Lakehouse... it wasn't a bad movie. It just could have been a lot better. Like, if the ending wasn't 10 minutes of pure making out and Keanu Reeves finally learned to act. Well, I have to admit that he improved... a little since Constantine but it's like... he has some disorder that doesn't allow him to talk naturally. When he talks, he usually sounds really forced and fake. It sucks 'cause he's pretty. :/ And despite what I've read about Il Mare being the original and therefore better and my past experience with remakes, I found that I liked The Lakehouse better. Il Mare was... bland. It didn't have those AWWW moments that The Lakehouse had. But I dunno. Maybe it was just 'cause Keanu Reeves was in The Lakehouse. :P

Man, I need someone to go watch Superman with. :[
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