July 8th, 2006


AX '06 Photos! :]

This year's AX was one of the funnest ones I've ever been to despite some drawbacks *coughHenrycough* and it was so awesome cosplaying with gumi_s as well as meeting various other cool cosplayers! :] And karaoke-ing until crazy o'clock was awesome too! XD

Here are some of the pics I took over the 4-day con because I was too lazy to upload all of them. ;p These are in no particular order. XD

Collapse )

Well that's all the pictures I felt like uploading... ^^;; It's roughly about half the total pictures I took. :p

P.S. I'm so sorry kawaii_lyn for missing the ZA chat especially if you waited for me... again... >_>;; I had severe allergies and had to go to see the doctor last night. ;__; I hope these pictures (which I slaved over, editing, for a few hours) make up for it? :]]]